Uncertain Times

Mixed media (acrylic, Photoshop, printed enamel paper, double-sided tape, plywood)

From each of the five lenticular pieces, I highlighted one of the most difficult times for Korea in a way to spread awareness. Each side portrays the cause and effect of Korea; the left side expresses the struggles of the past during the 1900s-1950s and the right side is the present. The pieces are made in a lenticular design that forces the audience to walk across each of them in order to see the transition. By presenting them as illusions, one can be attracted to approach the unusual design at first glance. Through the interactive pieces, I wanted to inform the audience the long, gruesome history of Korea from the view of a Korean American.

Below are links to each of the five lenticular pieces. Each side was made from a 24x36” (2x3’) canvas painting that was configured into Photoshop. The pieces were individually printed, scored, and folded.